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Widow Speak

Five women talking about what grief is really like as a young widow. Thanks to Nicole at the Sydney Morning Herald for including me in this story."...

TedX - It's Time To Be Right Here

Check out my TedX talk "It's Time to be Right Here".  It starts with a story about when I was volunteer teaching in Cambodia and the school got its...

Beauty and Lace

Check out my interview with Beauty and Lace here.  We talked about putting plans in place to protect your kids, should anything happen to you.  It'...

Are You Your Biggest Cheerleader?

I was at a forum in my capital city, 1000 kilometres from my home, with property developers, mayors and other politicians.  I didn't know anyone el...

Postscript - Dying to Know Day

Thanks to Postscript for helping to start conversations about what we want to happen when we die. Check out my article they published for Dying to ...

Create and maximise opportunities for your team, your organisation and YOU.

Deb Rae is an accomplished consultant, author and coach who is committed to helping people create and maximise opportunities for growth. 

Whether working with you as an individual, or with your organisation, Deb provides results-driven coaching, training and consulting services based on your identified objectives and particular needs.

Deb has also recently published  Getting There, Grief to Peace for Young Widows, a resource to support people who are grieving, their families and professionals wanting to understand the world of a grieving person.

Deb's aim is to change the way we think about grief, so it is less fearful, more appreciated and easier to deal with in our society.

Deb holds a number of academic qualifications and extensive experience in organisational, professional and personal development, and has worked with people in both urban and regional locations.

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