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Postscript - Dying to Know Day

Thanks to Postscript for helping to start conversations about what we want to happen when we die. Check out my article they published for Dying to ...

Dying To Know Day

We all have ideas about how we want to spend our last days, and what we want (or don’t want) to happen.  However, research shows that 75% of us ...

How to Process Loss

We need to make it easier for everyone to talk about grief, death and dying. It's all part of living and loving.

When Less Makes More

A couple of years ago a friend convinced me to register for a marathon with her.  I had never run a marathon before but this one would be in Paris...

International Widows Day

New research reveals that almost half (49%) of young women do not have the support they needed after losing a loved one. Meet, marry and live ...

Create and maximise opportunities for your team, your organisation and YOU.

Deb Rae is an accomplished consultant, author and coach who is committed to helping people create and maximise opportunities for growth. 

Whether working with you as an individual, or with your organisation, Deb provides results-driven coaching, training and consulting services based on your identified objectives and particular needs.

Deb has also recently published  Getting There, Grief to Peace for Young Widows, a resource to support people who are grieving, their families and professionals wanting to understand the world of a grieving person.

Deb's aim is to change the way we think about grief, so it is less fearful, more appreciated and easier to deal with in our society.

Deb holds a number of academic qualifications and extensive experience in organisational, professional and personal development, and has worked with people in both urban and regional locations.

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