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Widow Speak

Five women talking about what grief is really like as a young widow. Thanks to Nicole at the Sydney Morning Herald for including me in this story."...

TedX - It's Time To Be Right Here

Check out my TedX talk "It's Time to be Right Here".  It starts with a story about when I was volunteer teaching in Cambodia and the school got its...

Beauty and Lace

Check out my interview with Beauty and Lace here.  We talked about putting plans in place to protect your kids, should anything happen to you.  It'...

Are You Your Biggest Cheerleader?

I was at a forum in my capital city, 1000 kilometres from my home, with property developers, mayors and other politicians.  I didn't know anyone el...

Postscript - Dying to Know Day

Thanks to Postscript for helping to start conversations about what we want to happen when we die. Check out my article they published for Dying to ...

Factsheets, Resources and Videos

Factsheet - Supporting a Family Member or Friend After a Loss

Know how to really be there for your friend or family member so you make their loss easier to manage.

Click here to download.

Factsheet - Working With Customers, Clients or Staff Members Who Have Experienced a Loss

Know what to do and say (and not say) when your customer or staff member is struggling through grief.

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Factsheet - For You When You're Struggling With Loss

Find the five most important things to remember when you're dealing with loss here.

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Video - Change Your Life, Now!

Change what you don't like about your life.  Get off the treadmill of trying and failing to change. Discover a different definition of 'problems' so your life is easier, happier and more successful.

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Video - Deb's Story (1)

Deb is an Aussie women who quit her day job at 36 and went travelling with world with her husband Stuart.  When he was hit by a car in Poland, she went on a whole other journey.  Deb's travels have continued alone, through anger, sadness, joy, pain, determination and gratitude for one more day to do it all again. 

Click here to download.

Video - Deb's Story (2)

Deb talks about how she completely changed what she thought was her life after the sudden death of her husband.  

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Video - Let Go of the Fear

Stop fear from being the boss in your life.  Recognise where fear is holding you back, make some different choices and create more freedom and opportunities in your life.

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Video - Use your 'Weaknesses' as Assets

Stop fear from being the boss in your life.  Recognise where fear is holding you back, make some different choices and create more freedom and opportunities in your life.  

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Video - You Have a Choice

Does your life sometimes feel like someone else is calling the shots?  The truth is, we always have a choice.  While we can't control what happens, we always decide how to react.  Our belief about what we experience shape our choices and our future experiences.  What do you choose?

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Resource - Busyness

If someone asks you “How’s things?” what do you usually reply? When you ask others, what do they usually say to you? Does the answer include something how busy you both are and how much you’re trying to get done and there’s just not enough time...

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Resource  - Time Tips

In today’s changing world, there are far more opportunities and expectations than we could possibly hope to accomplish in one day, or one lifetime. More than ever, we need to be clear about our priorities and keep focused on what’s most important to us...  

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Resource - Too Stressed

Stand up. Blink your eyes. Pat your head with your right hand. Rub your stomach with your left hand. Stand only on your left leg. Begin reciting the alphabet backwards. Now say it faster...

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Resource - Where Does Time Go?

Have you ever had days when you’ve been rushing around for hours, but when you look back you’re not really sure what you achieved...

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