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Deb’s book Getting There: Grief to Peace for Young Widows is ground-breaking, well-researched, courageous and uplifting.  There has never been anything written with so much sincerity, honesty or usefulness for young widows going through their own life-changing experience.  It’s also vital reading for family, friends and professionals wanting to understand the world of a grieving person and know how to support them.

Getting There: Grief to Peace for Young Widows is now available!

About Getting There

This can’t be happening to me!

When your world is rocked by disaster where do you go? What do you do? How do you go on?

In her words, Deb sucks as a widow.  She kicked, screamed, ran away.  She felt alone, overwhelmed and thought she’d never be happy again.

Deb’s husband was killed in a random accident while they were living overseas.  In an instant, she lost her best friend and had to leave behind her home, her job and her dreams.  She gets how horrible life becomes as a young widow, how you wonder if you’re going crazy and whether there’s any hope for a better future.

Her real, honest and revealing words connect with your pain.  Then make you laugh.  She helps you understand why you feel the way you do and that it’s (almost) all ‘normal’.  And she helps you dig deep into your own strength so you can take another step into your future.  All this is backed up with lots of practical survival tips tested by many other young women. 

With wit and wisdom, Deb walks with you as you work out:

·   How do I calm my crazy brain?
·   Where’s the guidebook?
·   What do I tell my kids?
·   How do I handle the stupid things people to say to a widow?
·   How do I get through anniversaries, birthdays and other scary events?
·   How could I ever manage meeting someone new
·   How do I get to ‘me’?

Praise for Getting There: Grief to Peace for Young Widows

“Fantastic read!”

“I have been a widow now for six years and I sure wished I had read this book when my husband first passed away. A wonderful book that combines heartfelt storytelling, professional opinions, strategies to action and invites you to know and understand that there is no right or wrong way to move through grief… there is your way and you can do this, and you are not alone on your journey.   Thanks Deb for your wonderful work.”

Julie Cross
Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Widow


“Originally written for young widows, ‘Getting There’ is easy to read, poignant and insightful on so many levels.  What I love about it is that it’s sad, humorous (yes really!), honest, bittersweet, moving and a wonderful resource.  While written for a target audience, I would recommend it to anyone who has experienced grief, anyone who wants to understand more about this complex and poorly understood topic or support someone through it.

Reinforcing just how individual the journey through grief is, Deb often refers to the fact that there is no handbook or established set of rules as such for how to walk that path.  Yet I sense that this book could become a much needed friend and source of comfort for many.   For me, it offers valuable awareness into a topic that can be taboo for many and insight into supporting my clients working through their personal grieving journey.”

Rowena Hardy

Partner – Minds Aligned, Accredited Performance Coach / Facilitator / Master NLP Practitioner / Certified EFT and TBT Practitioner / AFAIM


"As a social worker with a background in mental health, I firmly endorse this work as both an important source of grief and loss theory and a vital resource, almost a handbook or 'how to' manual for young women whose lives have been ripped apart.

I congratulate Deb Rae on her work and thank her for her courage, her insight, her wit, her empathy, her generosity of spirit, her vision for this book, and most of all, her strength.”

Sharon A Schoneveld

BSW, GCert T&D, JP (Qual), Clinical Social Worker, Mackay, Qld.


“Whether you are widowed or know someone who is, this book is filled with helpful insights.  More like a self-help manual, there is room for your own reflections alongside the day to day account Deb Rae gives of her own story - honest, easy to read, practical, hopeful.”

Doris Zagdanski

General Manager -  Invocare Corporate Projects


"I am enjoying reading your book immensely - thanks! I love your fast paced style which keeps it positive while providing a way to get in touch with many feelings and perspectives. I think it would be helpful to anyone to gain insight, peace and growth. I am reading it a chapter at a time with long intervals between as I find that a good way to absorb it."

 Kay Gray

Older widow whose mother died recently