Meet Deb

Deb Rae (2).png

Transformation is something I know a lot about.  My learning started through personal experience when I decided to quit my day job at age 36 and travel the world with my husband Stuart.  We learned about other cultures, why people do what they do, and ourselves.

When Stuart was killed in a road accident in Poland, I was thrust into a slow, confusing, painful, personal transformation.  Everything changed for me.  I had to find a new home, a new job, a new country.  I found myself thinking a lot about how life works and the ways people deal with change.



My transformation process took me back to university, out to a little farmhouse and back overseas. I was also invited into the homes and workplaces of many other people looking for better lives, stronger teams and more productive businesses.  It has been a challenging, exhilarating and humbling ride!

The thing about transformations is they can become a bit addictive - you can always create another one.  I’ve ventured into another wonderful marriage and a fulfilling career supporting organisations and individuals to maximise their own growth opportunities.  I’ve also developed some expertise along the way:

  • Master of Social Administration

  • Bachelor of Arts

  • Graduate Diploma of Human Resource Management

  • Diploma of Management

  • Completed the Paris Marathon in 2012 (42.2km/26 miles)

  • Founder of Wattle (Women Acting Together Through Loss to Empowerment)

  • Winner of Mackay’s Manager of the Year for not-for-profit sector in AIM’s Management Excellence Awards (2011)

  • Author of ‘Transitions – the Experiences of Older Women from Hospital to Home’ (2007)

  • Collaborative author of ‘How and When to Write Policies and Procedures’ (2005)

  • Author of ‘Cultural Notes and Activities: Chinese Culture for the Chinese Language Classroom’ (1994)

I’m very keen to work with you on the transformations you want, either at work or home.  To talk about what you need and how we can work together contact Deb now.