"Thank you from my daughter Tamara, for your help with her resume.  I'm pleased to say she got the job, so now will be working where she really wants to be.  She is thrilled to bits." 

Merrilyn Rowler, mother of individual client (career goal)


"Deb Rae has been a great inspiration and role model for me.  She has worked tirelessly to provide support to women in need.   I am truly grateful for her strength, empathy and support during a difficult time in my life, the death of my husband.  Deb’s tireless effort to bring the WATTLE (Women Acting Together Through Loss to Empowerment) project to life here in Mackay has delivered a much needed medium that can help women through support, information and friendship.  All the women in the WATTLE group have supported each other using the strategies learned from Deb."

Sharon Ridgeway, Young Widow and WATTLE member, Nebo, Qld


"I would like to thank you again for agreeing to build and present a Motivational Interviewing training session for my team.

The training was excellent.  You provided a solid overview of Motivational Interviewing and how to put it in practice not only in our work environment but our personal lives as well.

The presentation was both interesting and engaging with a good balance of group talk and interaction.  It was exactly what I was looking for."

Rebecca Adamson, Manager, Ozcare Mens Hostel, Mackay, Qld


"I had struggled with confidence and nerves before my interviews and was at the point of giving up. Deb showed me the tools I needed and with her support I was able to land that dream job I’ve always wanted."

Wayne Vickers, Individual Coaching Client (career change from farmer to fire fighter) 


"I don't know how I would have gotten through the early days (after my husband's death) and the following years without the help of Deb.  I found being in her company very comforting and reassuring.  I have watched Deb grow in the last 10 years into someone who is able to truly understand the grief process and has a genuine desire to help others who are experiencing the same journey."

Jodi Falt, Young Widow


"Thank you so much for the support you have provided over the last 12 months.  I have looked forward to our catch ups and appreciated a place to 'park stuff'.  You have always maintained such a professional way of working as well as being approachable and real.  Thanks again."

Lisa Schwer, Workplace Professional Coaching


"As an experienced family therapist and educator, I was more than happy to co-facilitate (with Deb) - working with Deb was a joy as she is organised, knowledgeable, realistic, sensitive and kind.  Feedback confirmed that this group was well-timed, much needed and extremely therapeutic.  I look forward to working with Deb again."

Maxine Giles, Family and Relationship Counsellor, Centacare, Mackay Qld. 


"Really interesting topic, presented in a very enjoyable way. Something I would like to attend further training on. Thank you."

"A very insightful, thought provoking session.  One of the best professional development sessions around thinking processes that I have attended."

"Wonderfully interesting workshop."

"Thanks! – Always good to be inspired to think differently."

"Thought provoking – thanks."


"Thanks again for your time and professionalism!"

Participants from Inclusion Support Agency (Central West Fitzroy and Mackay) in 'Think Outside the Square' workshop.


"Since attending Deb's coaching sessions, I am now more confident in my abilities to pursue my goals. Deb has shown me the skills that I need to develop and how and where to go to develop them. Deb is an understanding and considerate person who will work with you during coaching. I highly recommend her."

Michelle Boles, Manager, Bolzy's Go4 Services, Individual Coaching Client (Business Development Goals)


Feedback from workshop participants

"Deb was a bright presenter."

"I had “aha” moments in regards to conflict management."

"We were pushed out of our comfort zone, in a supportive way."

"I wish it was a longer course; I feel revitalised."

"I liked the presenter’s experience and contact."


Feedback about workshop resources

"The folder will be a very useful resource for me."

"I was very surprised – it was practical and fun – thanks Deb."

"Really useful tools, stimulating and fun."


Testimonials received from a group workshop with a team who support a woman with a disability

"The professional way in which Deb conducted the workshops was evidence of the thorough manner in which she had prepared the material she presented. The reactions of our staff demonstrated that Deb had been able to open up their thinking and encourage them to approach their work with new insight and enthusiasm. They were challenged but at the same time given encouragement and praise for all their efforts."


"We are sure that the "team" will be energised to continue to support our daughter (who has a disability) to continue to live a full and happy life."



"The training session was very well organised and presented by Deb. Working as a team, we were able to come up with many new interests and possible roles that a person with a disability could contribute to the community."

Support Worker 


"I attended a workshop presented by Deb on brainstorming ideas to improve a person with a disability's life. It was extremely well organised and presented. As a result we were successfully able to come up with a number of great ideas. Thanks Deb."

Support Worker 


 "I have found Deb to be both encouraging and motivating, a good listener and an example to be followed."

Jodi Edwards, Individual Coaching Client (personal fitness goals)