What Could Eurovision Possibly Teach Us?

The Eurovision Song Contest, in all its glorious wackiness, perfectly displays the joy of being authentic.


Whether you love it, hate it, or just think it’s weird, the Eurovision Song Contest displays the full glory and passion of the human spirit.  These performers come to a world stage with their wacky costumes and unique performance styles and have a blast!  I don’t always like their music, but I love their courage. Whatever the world says about them, they’re willing to be totally vulnerable and just be their authentic self. 

How can that have any relevant for you though, in your everyday life far away from whacky costumes, glittering stages and screaming fans?  Brené Brown can help us work that out.  She wrote The Art of Imperfection and has her own definition of authenticity, as “the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are”.

Here are some suggestions for how you can actually do that:

•  Catch yourself with you comparing your clothes, car or husband to someone else’s.
•  Choose a car, clothes or husband you like, rather than what you think other people will like you      for having (yes, sometimes some of us do that!).
•  Take the time to do the things that truly make you feel fulfilled (Growing organic food?      Model car building?  Travelling? Singing a power ballad in a big dress in front of a wind machine?).
•  Acknowledge the self-doubt that pops us and suggests your authentic self isn’t good enough, or that people would prefer the old you that always tried to make everyone else happy.  Then let that idea go.

People with heart appreciate and connect with people who are genuine.  While it might scare them at first, they also secretly admire people who have the strength to walk their own path.  It can be a rocky one, but it’s still way better than going the way you’re ‘supposed to’ and ending up somewhere you don’t like.