Creating Space for Hope

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Economic Forum, India

A few months ago I shared my story onstage at the Women Economic Forum in India. Women had travelled from all over the world to be together in this amazing space. We talked about our struggles, triumphs and the days when we just can’t be convinced to get out of bed.

I heard stories from women who have established charities to stop girls from being trafficked in India, rescue dogs who are beaten or dumped in the streets, improve crop production and reduce the number of sexual assaults against women. The determination of these women to take on seemingly impossible tasks took my breath away.

I also met women who were conquering their fear of public speaking, sharing their personal stories for the first time and launching their book or film. There were moments when I was completely dumbfounded and lost for words. There were also a few tears, lots of soul searching and some deep-down belly laughs. And a little bit of pretty bad Bollywood dancing - it was India and we were up for anything!

There have been many times when I’ve felt overwelmed at the enormity of the problems we can face - in each of our own lives and as humans on this earth. But I left that forum in India feeling hopeful. We don’t have all the answers and we’ll never solve all the problems. But there are many good people all over the world who are making spaces of beauty, peace and love. And they’re working hard to make spaces grow a little bigger every day. These people are my tribe and I’m so proud to be creating valued spaces right alongside them.